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May 16th, 2019    

The Leadership Compass - Live

I want to remove from your mind in a short period of time is that influence comes from a title. It’s influence, nothing more, nothing less.


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April 2nd, 2019    

Do You Take The Time? Part 2 - Coaching or Fleas?

What makes us humans so remarkable and different is that we have the ability to re-train or re-condition our mind and completely change the direction of our entire life! When you realize that you have this ability, your life will change!



March 24th, 2019    

Do You Take The Time? Part 1 - Feedback

Providing feedback to your employees not only builds strong relationships, when done effectively, it develops them as leaders! Consistent constructive feedback can aid in developing a robust team of leaders that consistently perform at a high level and aids in their retention.